Geotechnical Engineering, Analysis and Design-

The application of the principles of soil and rock mechanics, geology, groundwater hydrology, and strength of construction materials in the solution of earth related engineering challenges.

Our experience and expertise with regional subsurface conditions make us uniquely qualified to provide solutions for use in design. We work closely with our clients to meet their individual needs. (Learn More..)

Geotechnical Exploration-

A geotechnical exploration is performed to collect subsurface data regarding site preparation and below grade design. The Geotechnical Exploration testing program is adapted to the needs of our clients and dependent on such factors. The stage of project development, on site conditions, geological conditions, type and extent of building/development and special project requirements. Our experience with the regional subsurface conditions, site development methods and methods of construction allows FSE to provide a cost effective Geotechnical Exploration testing program. (Learn More..)

Construction Services-

Our construction services include the engineering, observation and testing necessary for the geotechnical and material quality control for successful project completion. Our engineers and technicians average over 5 years of field experience. This experience level allows FSE to assist our clients with quality control and project specification compliance during construction. (Learn More..)

Difficult Site Conditions-

Difficult site conditions are encountered in this region due to the redevelopment of building sites, soil types encountered, geological conditions, and site topography. Our extensive experience with development and construction related to difficult soil, rock and groundwater situations is applied to each client’s needs. (Learn More..)

Construction Materials Testing-

Construction materials testing and construction observation services are important to both owners and contractors in ensuring that their projects are constructed in compliance with plans and specifications, and that the owner received quality product that meets his expectations. We at Foundation Systems Engineering and Construction Materials Laboratory are committed to working with owners, design professionals and contractors to achieve these goals with our experience, quality personnel and laboratory facilities. (Learn More..)

Failure Analysis- Cause and Origination-

Environment and construction related failure occurs all to frequently. They vary from foundation cracking due to expansive soil and rock, to dramatic landslides or sinkhole collapses. Construction defects both during and after construction result in many problems. The economic loss from an individual failure can be great or small, with the aggregate cost of construction and environmental related failures running into the millions of dollars annually. Understanding the loading conditions, interaction of construction materials and the environment and subsurface soul and rock conditions is vital in determining probable cause and origination, and for providing solutions for mitigation. (Learn More..)

Environmental Engineering-

Foundation systems engineering provides a range of geo-environmental services to meet our clients varied needs. Our services may begin in the early stages of planning and development (sometimes before the property is purchased) with a pre-acquisitions side survey or environmental site assessment. Alternately, we may begin when an environmental challenge arises, assisting with remediation or regulatory compliance. Our goal is to work closely with our clients in defining their specific objectives, and work towards achieving these objectives in a cost-effective manner. (Learn More…)

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