Geotechnical Engineering, Analysis, & Design

In construction, Site Preparation is the foundational step that determines the success and sustainability of your engineered projects. Our services encompass the full spectrum of geotechnical requirements, special inspections, and materials testing to support safe and efficient construction practices. 

Site Clearing, Grubbing, Stripping, Undercutting

The first phase of site development involves a comprehensive suite of earthworks, including Site Clearing, Grubbing, Stripping, Undercutting to ensure the area is prepared for safe and optimal construction.


Proofrolling follows, which is a method of testing the strength and solidity of the subgrade and identifying weak areas that might need additional work.

Soil Placement & Compaction

Soil Placement & Compaction processes are critical to achieving the desired density and load-bearing capabilities of the construction site, enhancing the stability of the future structure.

Cut & Fill Slope Construction

For sites needing elevation adjustments, Cut & Fill Slope Construction is carefully performed to establish a leveled area for developmental activities while preserving slope stability.

Site Drainage

Ensuring Site Drainage is optimized prevents waterlog-related issues and secures the longevity of the foundations and underground installations.

Foundation Design Recommendations

We provide tailored Foundation Design Recommendations with innovative solutions, from simple footings to sophisticated deep foundations, considering every site-specific challenge.

Deep & Shallow Foundation Systems

Our expertise covers Deep & Shallow Foundation Systems, including analysis and selection of the most suitable type, whether Continuous & Spread Foundations or specialized foundations like Pipe Caps, Ringwall, Turndown Slab, Mat.

Driven & Auger Cast Piles, Micropiles, Drill Shafts

We have extensive experience with a variety of piling systems such as Driven & Auger Cast Piles, Micropiles, Drill Shafts, ensuring sturdy support for heavy loads.

Retaining Walls & Basement Walls

Our designs for Retaining Walls & Basement Walls, including Concrete Walls, CMU Walls, and Segmental Walls, are customizable to address the specific needs of each site.

Unique Wall Structures

We specialize in a range of wall systems such as Soil Nail Walls, Gabion Walls, Soldier Pile Walls, Sheet Pile Walls, Cross-Tie Walls,and Reinforced Earth Walls.

Active, Passive, & At-Rest Pressure Design Coefficients

We calculate Active, Passive, and At-Rest Pressure Design Coefficients to design wall systems that can withstand earth pressures.

Wall Backfill & Drainage

Our team also ensures that Wall Backfill & Drainage solutions are in place for the stability and longevity of retaining structures.

Soil & Rock Allowable Bearing Capacity

Determining the Soil & Rock Allowable Bearing Capacity is a critical service we offer to assess the load a site’s subsurface can safely bear.

Settlement Analysis

Settlement Analysis is performed to predict and mitigate any potential differential settlement, which is vital for the stability of a structure.

Seismic Design Coefficients

Our seismic expertise facilitates the incorporation of appropriate Seismic Design Coefficients into foundation and structural design to ensure resilience against seismic activity.


From Asphalt & Concrete Pavement Design to Existing Pavement Evaluation, we cover all aspects of pavement assessment, whether it is New Construction or maintenance for Roadways & Parking.

Slope Stability Analysis

Slope Stability Analysis, including special considerations such as Seismic Slope Stability and Rock Fall scenarios, is crucial for maintaining natural and artificial slopes.

Earth Dam and Seepage Analysis

We conduct rigorous evaluations for Earth Dam projects, including detailed Seepage Analysis, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

Landfill (Class I, II, & IV)

Our services extend to Landfill site engineering, from design to regulatory compliance, including geotechnical considerations for all classes of landfills.

Foundations, Piles, and Anchors

Consult us for end-to-end design and verification of Shallow & Deep Foundation Systems, including specialized systems like Bridge Abutments & Bents. We are adept in designing and testing Driven & Augered Piles and ensuring stability with Rock & Soil Anchors.

Underdrain Systems

Underdrain Systems are critical for managing water in subterranean environments, and our designs are tailored to ensure durability and efficiency.

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