Environmental Engineering

At the core of responsible development and construction lies a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact. Environmental Engineering services are crucial to ensuring your project not only meets regulatory compliance but also safeguards the ecological balance. Our array of Environmental Engineering services offers thorough and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

Pre-Acquisition Site Assessment

Embarking on a new venture? Our Pre-Acquisition Site Assessment is the first step to understand potential environmental liabilities. Expert analysis provides a crucial overview of the site’s condition before any transaction, minimizing unforeseen environmental risks.

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment

Understanding the environmental conditions of your property is simplified with our Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments. Phase I consists of a historical review and visual inspections for contamination risks, while Phase II involves detailed sampling to analyze potential hazards.

Risk Assessment & Management

Protect your investments and the environment with our Risk Assessment & Management strategies. We evaluate potential adverse effects and draft management plans to mitigate risks, ensuring a safe and compliant project site.

Site Characterization

Comprehensive Site Characterization helps unveil the unseen. From soil composition to contamination profiles, our detailed evaluations provide an in-depth understanding of your site’s subsurface environment, critical for any project’s planning stages.

UST Investigation, Remediation, Closure

Navigating the complexities of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) becomes seamless with us. We guide the investigation, remediate if necessary, and manage the closure, keeping the ecological implications and regulatory compliance in sight.

Hydrogeology Studies

Understanding the dynamics between water, soil, and rock? Our Hydrogeology Studies assess groundwater movement and quality, a key component in evaluating site suitability, water supply, and contamination extent.

Site Soil & Groundwater Sampling for Chemical Analysis

Every layer tells a story. We conduct meticulous Site Soil & Groundwater Sampling for Chemical Analysis, helping you understand the chemical makeup of your site and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

Equipping your project with well-structured Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plans can be the best defense against environmental incidents. We develop SPCC plans that minimize the potential for spills and outline effective response strategies.


From old buildings to industrial sites, Asbestos can be lurking anywhere. Our thorough asbestos surveys and remediation plans ensure a safe environment for your team and the public, keeping your redevelopment projects hazard-free.

Injection Well Permitting

Safe disposal or return of fluids back to the subsurface requires compliance and precision. Our team aids in Injection Well Permitting, delivering all the necessary documentation and support to meet the stringent requirements for your injection well projects.

Choose the path of sustainability and assurance with our expert environmental engineering services. Enforcement of strong environmental standards and proactive planning is not just a regulatory demand—it’s our commitment to future generations. Contact us to integrate environmental responsibility seamlessly into your project’s success story.

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