IBC Special Inspections

In the domain of construction and engineering, reliability is not just an asset; it’s a necessity. As specialists in IBC Special Inspections, we deliver an unparalleled suite of inspection services. Our offerings are designed to ensure that all aspects of your project not only comply with the International Building Code (IBC) but also embody the apex of structural integrity and safety.

Structural Fill Soils

Foundation starts with the right fill. Our team thoroughly evaluates Structural Fill Soils to confirm soil compaction, density, and material quality. It’s the first step to guaranteeing a stable base for your construction endeavors.

Site Soil Preparation

Preparation meets precision. Site Soil Preparation is the stage where we commit to turning the natural ground into a ready canvas for construction. This encompasses soil stabilization, grading, and other essential groundwork to support your project’s success.

Deep Foundations

Delving deep into foundation work, our inspections extend to Deep Foundations. From piles to caissons, we ensure that these critical elements are capable of bearing the significant loads they are designed for, ensuring structural longevity and safety.

Intumescent Fireproofing**

Protecting structures from the ravages of fire requires cutting-edge solutions like In-tumescent Fireproofing. We rigorously check the application and efficacy of these fire-resistant coatings that swell when heated, providing an insulating barrier.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems**

The exterior is more than aesthetics. Our inspections of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) look beyond the surface to ensure these multilayered systems are installed correctly, offering superior energy efficiency and durability.


The timeless material of Wood needs timeless expertise. Our services include inspection of wooden structural components, ensuring that everything from framing to sheathing aligns with stringent standards for safety and integrity.

Reinforced Concrete

The strength of Reinforced Concrete structures lies in the synergy between steel and concrete. Our specialists meticulously inspect the reinforcement placement, concrete mix, and curing process to secure the formidability of your concrete buildings.

Structural Masonry

The art and science of building with brick and block are not lost on us. Inspection of Structural Masonry ensures correct material use, proper mortar application, and robustness of the construction that stands the test of time.

Structural Steel Bolting

Precision in Structural Steel Bolting is crucial for enduring structures. We scrutinize bolting procedures, ensuring that the connections between steel components meet the highest safety and strength criteria.

Structural Steel Welding

With Structural Steel Welding, each weld is a defining link. Our certified inspectors deliver expertise in examining weld quality, size, and method, warranted to carry the loads they are designed to unify.

Spray Applied Fire Proofing

Finally, Spray Applied Fire Proofing checks are your assurance against the heat of adversity. Our comprehensive inspections verify the appropriate application and adhesion of fireproofing material, essential for maintaining the structural integrity in the event of a fire.

Our collaborative team approach, synthesizing expertise across multiple disciplines, delivers a robust assurance that your construction project stands on solid, compliant, and safe foundations. For each term bolded in our approach mirrors the strength and reliability we promise to imbue in your project.

Foundation Systems Engineering, P.C. is able to provide Special Inspection services in accordance with Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC). FSE has been providing special inspection services since 2009 and are able to provide in house inspection services with experienced and certified inspectors and engineers. We are an all-inclusive, single point of contact, full-service company to provide all of your special inspection services.

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