Services for Contractors

Geotechnical Engineering Expertise

Our geotechnical engineering firm is deeply rooted in equipping contractors with the insights and analyses necessary to build on a foundation of certainty.

  • Site Investigation: We make the invisible, visible — providing detailed subsurface exploration to inform your build strategy.
  • Soil and Rock Mechanics: Understand the character of your site with comprehensive soil and rock classification and mechanics analysis.
  • Geotechnical Design: Expert advice on safe and sustainable geotechnical design choices for your project’s foundations, slopes, and retaining structures.
  • Environmental Geotechnics: Strategies and solutions that account for environmental impact, keeping your project compliant and green.

Construction Special Inspections

Our construction special inspections firm ensures that the critical elements of a project meet all regulatory and design requirements — a proactive approach that aims to mitigate risk and enhance quality.

  • Reinforcement Inspections: Verification of rebar and structural steel placement and connections, ensuring they are as strong as designed.
  • Building Envelope Reviews: Ensure the integrity of the building envelope, including waterproofing and insulation components.
  • Safety Systems Evaluations: Assessing installed safety systems such as fire-stopping products to confirm they meet building code requirements.
  • Code Compliance: We act as the intersection between your craftsmanship and the complex web of regulations that govern construction integrity and safety.

Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

Aided by our construction materials testing laboratory, contractors can proceed with confidence, assured that every element utilized within their project is not just suitable, but optimal.

  • Materials Quality Assurance: From structural steel to concrete, asphalt, and soil, we guarantee all materials meet project specifications.
  • Performance Testing: Our lab conducts rigorous testing for material durability, performance under stress, and longevity expectations.
  • Forensic Investigations: When failures occur, our detailed forensic investigations help determine the cause and prevent recurrence.
  • Certification and Reporting: Comprehensive documentation and certification to support quality control and project approval processes.

Your Building, Our Backbone

Experience collaboration designed to erect structures that are as steadfast as they are innovative. With our integrated geotechnical, inspection, and testing services, contractors gain access to a tower of support that reinforces every pillar of their projects. Infused with precision and fortified by industry-leading expertise, our approach propels your construction endeavors forward, grounding dreams in reality with the utmost attention to detail and the bedrock of steadfast engineering principles.

Let your construction projects rise on the support of our expertise, where every detail is addressed with the sharpest technical acumen and the latest industry standards. Join forces with a team where your foundations are solid, inspections are thorough, and materials are tested and true.

Professional. Qualified. Responsive.

We would love to assist you in the completion of your project. Contact us today so that we can get started right away.