Services for Architects

Architects are visionaries, crafting structures that combine form, function, and safety. To bridge the gap between concept and creation, architects require the support of a robust team versed in the mechanics of the earth and the materials we use. Our services – from geotechnical engineering to construction materials testing and special inspections – are designed to ensure the durability and dependability of your architectural projects.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Our geotechnical engineering services ensure your project is built on solid ground. Through comprehensive analyses and practical solutions, we help architects navigate the complexities of subsurface conditions, translating them into actionable project information.

  • Subsurface Exploration: Tailored site investigations to uncover hidden subsurface conditions, providing essential data for informed design decisions.
  • Soil and Rock Classification: Accurate assessment and classification services that inform foundational design and construction strategies that withstand geotechnical challenges.
  • Slope Stability and Earth Retention: Expert analysis to prevent soil movement that could impact structural integrity, from initial design through construction.
  • Foundation Recommendations: We provide insights into optimal foundation choices, from shallow foundations to deep piling systems, based on site-specific geotechnical data.

Special Inspections Services

With our certified and cross-trained inspectors, we provide essential oversight that aligns with the safety standards and performance expectancy of architectural designs.

  • Reinforced Concrete and Structural Steel Inspections: In-depth inspections of reinforcement placement, welding, and bolting securing structural conformity and safety.
  • Fireproofing and Post-tensioned Systems: Expert evaluation of fireproofing methods and post-tensioned concrete systems to affirm the structural resilience and adherence to codes.
  • Structural Masonry and Wood Inspections: We review masonry and timber elements, ensuring that quality and code compliance are not just met but exceeded.

Construction Materials Testing Services

Our specialized construction materials testing lab plays a crucial role in determining the viability and safety of the materials that comprise your architectural designs.

  • Concrete Testing: From mix design verification to compressive strength analysis, our testing of fresh and hardened concrete underpins the resilience of your structures.
  • Soil Testing and Field Density: We assess compaction and field density to ensure groundwork is laid for optimal support and stability.
  • Aggregate Assessment: Evaluating aggregates’ physical properties, ensuring they meet project specifications and are suitable for construction purposes.
  • Environmental Material Assessment: Determining the presence and implications of hazardous materials, safeguarding your project and public health.

Our Promise: By embedding sustainability and security in the genetic makeup of all architectural endeavors, we help actualize designs that stand the test of time. Let us partner with you to construct foundations that anchor visions with precision and insight.

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