Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing is an essential phase in the lifecycle of any construction project. This rigorous process ensures that all building materials meet the required standards and specifications, reducing potential issues and increasing the safety and durability of the completed structure. Our services span a wide range of testing and inspection options:

Soil Analysis

Laboratory Services:

We delve into the earth’s foundation with detailed Soil tests in our state-of-the-art laboratory, equipped to measure and analyze:

  • Particle Size (Sieve & Hydrometer)
  • Determination of Atterberg Limits
  • Proctor (Standard & Modified) compaction tests
  • Unit Weight & Natural Moisture
  • Permeability assessment of soil samples
  • Triaxial Shear tests including Multi-Stage, Total, & Effective Stress
  • Unconfined Compression strength tests
  • Specific Gravity evaluations for soil particles
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) to assess the strength of subgrade soil
  • Application tests for Soil Cement & Lime

Field Services:

Our expert team conducts in-site evaluations and Field tests that include:

  • Measuring In-place Density using methods such as the Nuclear Density Gauge, Sandcone, and Drive Cylinder
  • Performing One-Point Proctor tests
  • Proofrolling to evaluate subgrade layer compaction
  • Foundation Excavation Observation and Footing Inspection to certify proper preparation for construction phases ahead

Concrete & Aggregates

Laboratory Services:

Concrete structures and materials are thoroughly scrutinized in our lab, where various qualities of Concrete & Aggregates are studied:

  • Crafting Concrete & Grout Mix Design for durability and strength
  • Mix Design Verification and approvals, including for TDOT, involving Flexural/Compressive Strength testing
  • Assessing Concrete Durability Factor via Rapid Freeze/Thaw cycles
  • Analysis for Percent Crushed Aggregate
  • Measuring Length Change due to Alkali-Silica reaction
  • Conducting Aggregate Gradation tests to determine the distribution of aggregate sizes
  • Identifying Flat and Elongated Particles
  • Determining Bulk Density and Sulfate Soundness using Sodium or Magnesium
  • Evaluating LA AbrasionSpecific Gravity & AbsorptionLightweight Particles, and Sand Filter Gradations
  • Reporting on Compressive Strength of Cylinders, Beams, and Cores

Field Services:

Site technicians also ensure the proper mix and application of concrete with:

  • Measurements of Slump, Temperature, Entrained Air, and Unit Weight
  • Thin Wall Coring for assessing the integrity of slabs, pavements, and footings
  • Utilizing Windsor Probes for surface hardness testing
  • Testing for Flatness/Levelness through DIP Stick methods


Our evaluations for Asphalt ensure a smooth and durable surface:

  • Executing Marshall Mix Design
  • Determining Maximum Theoretical Density, TSR, Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Checking for StabilityFlow, and Air Voids
  • Conducting Asphalt Extraction & Gradation, and Ten Minute Boil tests for binder content

Concrete Masonry Units

Ensuring structural soundness for Concrete Masonry Units:

  • Testing Brick and Block for Strength, Absorption, and Webb Thickness
  • Examining Mortar quality through Cubes and Prisms tests


Support and strength hinge on our Steel testing capabilities:

  • Verifying Torque Bolts are tightened to the correct specification
  • Conducting comprehensive Weld Inspections based on critical industry standards


Maintaining safety through diligent Fireproofing assessments:

  • Measuring the Thickness of fireproof layers
  • Evaluating the Adhesion of fireproofing material to ensure it meets safety regulations

Our dedicated team provides meticulous Construction Materials Testing with our in-house laboratory, offering you peace of mind and assurance that your structures are built to last. We embody the highest industry standards in all our testing and inspection processes, ensuring your projects are not just compliant, but fundamentally sound in every way.

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