Geotechnical Exploration

At the core of safe and stable construction lies a comprehensive understanding of the ground below. This understanding is provided through Geotechnical Exploration – a vital process ensuring the longevity and integrity of any engineering project. Our suite of geotechnical services spans every phase of site assessment and ground analysis to guarantee informed decisions for your construction needs.

In-Depth Site Reconnaissance

Our expert team begins with thorough Site Reconnaissance, meticulously surveying the prospective construction locale. This preliminary but crucial step informs our strategy and the selection of the appropriate testing and drilling methodologies to be utilized throughout the project lifecycle.

Detailed Soil Test/Auger Borings

Understanding soil composition and structural capacity is essential. Leveraging state-of-the-art drilling rigs like the CME 55 & 75 Drilling Rigs, the versatile Bobcat T200 Skid Steer with Auger Head, the highly portable Minute Man Portable Drill, and even traditional Hand Augers, we extract precise soil samples with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Advanced Foundation Testing

Our advanced testing arsenal includes both Standard Penetration Testing & Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing, providing insight into the soil’s bearing capacity and potential for compaction. These test results help shape foundational construction strategies, ensuring robust support for your structures.

Exploratory Test Pits/Test Trenches

Manual excavation of Test Pits/Test Trenches offers a direct look at subsurface conditions, allowing for real-time evaluation of the soil layers and identification of any potential anomalies that might not be picked up by machine-based methods.

Precise Shelby Tube Sampling

For critical analysis of soil stratigraphy, nothing is as precise as Shelby Tube Sampling. This methodology captures undisturbed soil samples, yielding accurate data on the soil properties, moisture content, and density.

Comprehensive Rock Core Drilling & Rotary Cone Drilling

To penetrate even the toughest geologic formations, we utilize Rock Core Drilling & Rotary Cone Drilling techniques. These methods reveal the rock quality, structural integrity, and composition critical for construction planning in rocky terrain.

Subsurface Monitoring with Inclinometer Installation & Monitoring

For ongoing assessment of ground movement and stability, particularly in sloped areas or where earth movement is a concern, we implement Inclinometer Installation & Monitoring services that deliver continuously updated data on lateral ground movement and shear.

Groundwater Well Installation & Sampling

We undertake Groundwater Well Installation & Sampling to assess the water table depth, groundwater flows, and potential contamination risks. This service provides key insights for environmental assessments and helps design effective water management systems for your project.

Geologic, Topographic & Aerial Map & Photograph Review

Every good project starts on paper. Our geotechnical team meticulously reviews Geologic, Topographic & Aerial Maps & Photographs to provide a macro perspective on the site conditions, identifying any potential geologic hazards and ensuring project viability from a bird’s eye view.

Our comprehensive geotechnical exploration and testing capabilities ensure that your construction projects are set on solid ground. Contact us today to learn more about how our expertise can elevate the stability and safety of your development.

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