Failure Analysis:
Cause & Origination

Uncovering the hidden stories behind structural failures, Failure Analysis – Cause & Origination services are vital for diagnosing the complex issues that compromise the integrity of built environments. With a focus on forensic investigation, our offerings encompass comprehensive evaluations and diagnostics of:

Foundation & Wall Failures

Determining the causes behind Foundation & Wall Failures requires an insightful examination of structural distress. Addressing everything from minor cracking to major collapses, our evaluations deeply investigate:

  • Settlement/Bearing Capacity concerns, calculating the capacity of soils and rocks to withstand structural loads and revealing if excessive settlement is at fault.
  • The impact of Expansive Soil/Rock which can exert lateral pressures leading to foundation warping and structural damage.
  • The influence of Soil Plasticity (Shrink/Swell) and how changes in moisture content can affect the volumetric stability of the soil beneath your structure.
  • Damage due to external forces like Blast Damage, analyzing the residual effects of seismic waves on structural integrity.
  • The effects of Weather (Flooding/Drought), which precipitate changes in soil moisture levels, critically impacting foundations and walls.


The presence and movement of Groundwater can have far-reaching implications on construction integrity. By evaluating the water table, soil saturation levels, and potential water pathways, we diagnose related structural issues and propose mitigative measures.

Construction Practices

Robust Construction Practices are the bedrock of successful projects. Our methodical approach helps in identifying any shortfall in construction procedures that can lead to structural anomalies and ultimately, premature failure.

Earth & Rock Slope Failures

In the realm of Earth & Rock Slope Failures, our analysis pinpoints causative factors of slope instability, from natural geologic changes to anthropogenic impacts, ensuring effective prevention and remediation plans.


Navigating the challenging scenarios arising from Sinkholes, our experts apply geophysical tools and subsurface mapping to predict and validate the existence of subterranean voids, giving insight into both natural and man-induced causes.

Expert Witness Testimony

Leveraging a wealth of knowledge in Geotechnical Engineering and Earthwork, our professionals provide Expert Witness Testimony underpinned by empirical data and deep industry expertise to support cases that demand a high level of scientific and technical comprehension in court proceedings.

At the intersection of skilled forensic investigation and advanced engineering, we don’t just reveal the symptoms of structural failures; we diagnose their root causes. From the intricacies of material behaviors to the unpredictable violence of natural phenomena, our analyses deliver critical insights for rectifying construction defects, planning for future resilience, and providing clear, technical guidance through legal complexities.

We stand ready to assist in understanding the fundamental causes of failure and devising solutions that help our clients build with certainty and confidence.

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