Difficult Site Conditions

At the heart of every construction project lies the unseen challenge of site conditions that, if not addressed with expertise, can turn your project into a battle against the elements. 

Services Offered:


Navigating the unpredictability of Karst/Sinkholes necessitates a seasoned approach. We offer proactive investigation services that identify potential ground voids and implement stabilization techniques ensuring a solid foundation for your construction.

Soft/Wet Soil

Handling Soft/Wet Soil conditions requires more than just surface-level treatment. Our soil improvement strategies are designed to enhance the bearing capacity and mitigate potential settlement issues, supported by our in-depth soil stabilization expertise.

Shallow Groundwater

The presence of Shallow Groundwater can dampen project timelines and foundations alike. We employ advanced dewatering techniques and waterproofing design to manage groundwater effectively, protecting your project from water-related issues.

Expansive/Sensitive Soil

Expansive/Sensitive Soil demands respect and understanding. Our geotechnical evaluations shed light on soil behavior, allowing for designs that accommodate potential heave or consolidation without compromising structural integrity.

Unsuitable/Unstable/Unknown Old Fill

The unpredictable nature of Unsuitable/Unstable/Unknown Old Fill can be daunting. Our firm utilizes ground improvement methods and replacement techniques to address these challenges, ensuring a stable platform for your construction project.

Shallow Bedrock

The discovery of Shallow Bedrock can be both a blessing and a complication. We specialize in rock quality assessments and provide solutions for rock excavation or foundation adaptation strategies tailored for your site-specific geology.

Unsuitable On-Site Borrow

Unsuitable On-Site Borrow can impede progress. Our materials testing lab assesses the quality of on-site borrow and advises on treatments or alternatives to meet the stringent demands of your project’s earthwork specifications.

Unstable Slopes

Unstable Slopes are a risk to both safety and project timelines. Our slope stabilization solutions incorporate both environmental sensitivity and engineering prowess, ensuring the longevity of slope performance and site safety.

Expansive Pyretic Shale

The presence of Expansive Pyretic Shale poses geochemical and structural challenges. Our firm provides comprehensive assessments and remediation strategies to mitigate the potential swelling and deterioration associated with pyretic materials.

As your partners in navigating Difficult Site Conditions, we bring a deeply integrated approach – combining cutting-edge techniques and practical solutions backed by meticulous inspections and testing services. We understand the land, we study its secrets, and we deliver the foundation for your success on even the most challenging terrains. Contact us to embrace confidence in construction, no matter what lies beneath.

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