Construction Materials Testing

  1. Soil
    1. Laboratory
      1. Particle Size (Sieve & Hydrometer), Atterberg Limits, Proctor (Standard & Modified), Unit Weight & natural Moisture, Permeability, Triaxial Shear (Multi-Stage, Total, & Effective Stress, Unconfined Compression, Specific Gravity, California Bearing Ratio, Soil Cement & Lime
    2. Field
      1. In-place Density (Nuclear Density Gage, Sandcone, & Drive Cylinder), One-Point Proctor, Proofrolling, Foundation Excavation Observation (Footing Inspection)’
  2. Concrete & Aggregates
    1. Laboratory
      1. Concrete & Grout Mix Design
        1. Mix Design/Mix Design Verification/ For TDOT Approval (Flexural/Compressive Strength)
      2. Concrete Durability Factor (Rapid Freeze/Thaw), Percent Crushed Aggregate, Length Change Due to Alkali-Cilica reaction, Submittal of Samples For Petrographic Analysis,
      3. Aggregate Gradation, Flat and Elongated Particles, Bulk Density, Sulfate Soundness (Sodium or Magnesium), LA Abrasion, Specific Gravity & Absorption, Lightweight Particles, Sand Filter Gradations
      4. Compressive Strength (Cylinders, Beams, Cores)
    2. Field
      1. Slump, Temperature, Entrained Air, Unit Weight
      2. Thin Wall Coring (Slabs, Pavements, Footing)
      3. Windsor Probes
      4. Flatness/Levelness (DIP Stick)
  3. Asphalt
    1. Marshal Mix Design, Maximum Theoretical Density, TSR, Bulk Specific Gravity, Stability, Flow, Air Voids, Asphalt Extraction & Gradation, Ten Minute Boil
  4. Concrete Masonry Units
    1. Brick, Block (Strength/Absorption/Webb Thickness), Mortar (Cubes/Prisms)
  5. Steel
    1. Torque Bolts
    2. Weld Inspection
  6. Fireproofing
    1. Thickness
    2. Adhesion